Love, Kindness, Compassion

Love, kindness, compassion. We need more of those. We all live in the 21st century and we may be at the new dawn – the dawn of the love era.

No other place in the space has humans – the Earth is a very unique place and it’s only our responsibility to finally bring peace, love and prosperity.

We have lived (as humanity) during wars, political turmoils, revolutions, you name it. And the time has come for us to step forward and reach our potential. We can all live much better and fulfilled lives, lives without wars and violence, without poverty and street riots, without jealousy, without political and judicial injustice. We want to reach the stars!

The 20th century was the last century of world wars. We had two of them, both took place mainly in Europe but spread across the whole globe. The amount of sadness, death, poverty and violence was unimaginable and we just don’t want to experience that again. Who can blame us, really?

Compassion is the answer to most of our problems. Mutual understanding and empathy is something we all need to fully embrace and live through it, breathe it. There is no other planet we can run onto, we have to make our lives on the Earth as good as possible and make the future bright for our children. Help us reach this ambitious but lofty quest. Join us and millions around the planet to make this place a better world, a world which we once proudly hand over to our children.